A “Healthy” Football Game Day

There is Go Ducks!a lot of great football coming up in the next couple of weeks. Most notably the BCS Championship on Monday starring the tough-as-nails Oregon Ducks vs the also-undefeated-but-totally-going-to-lose Auburn Whatevers. (I think you can tell which side I’m rooting for) We are having a few guests for the momentous game and my T has requested “football food.” What does that even mean? Usually chili, chips, dips and a whole lot of upset stomachs. I want to serve some super delicious food that won’t break the bank or the belly.

Also, did I mention I want to make the food as green and yellow as possible (Oregon colors)?  This is an additional challenge that may only be met with some dishes and not others. Immediately I’m thinking yellow bell pepper strips, cucumber and celery sticks for dipping in either a yellow or green dip. Probably a Green Goddess dip will be most appropriate. OR I could make guacamole and also serve up some yellow corn chips.The clouds are rolling in on my brainstorming….

Recently there was an article in my Everyday Food magazine that featured secretly healthy game day dishes but I never like to just copy a menu right out of a magazine. Can I get inspired by it? Sure! There are some great party dishes here for any occasion.  Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/2a9k697

I’m also thinking curry dusted oven baked fries, spinach and yellow cheddar quesadillas and maybe a giant sandwich of some kind. I think I’m going to skip the green/yellow theme for the sandwich though.

Got any ideas for me? Comment them here! I look forward to your thoughts. And also- No Chili! We love chili but I’m having it the day before watching NFL football. All other suggestions welcome :)

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